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What We Do

What We Do

Our personal injury team provide specialist services to personal injury lawyers and their clients. These clients have typically suffered a catastrophic injury and might be adults or children, some with full capacity and others who, due to brain injury, are also clients of the Court of Protection.

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This is a highly specialised field and few firms in the UK (and EEC) have the expertise and resources to effectively advise these clients. Our personal injury team have considerable experience in working with clients, solicitors, trustees, receivers and the courts, as well as related organisations such as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and charitable organisations such as the Spinal Injuries Association.

The team work with the solicitor throughout the claim process in order to maximise the real value of the client’s award. Following settlement, they continue to work with the client.

Whilst the technical objective is to ensure each client is not financially disadvantaged as a result of their injuries, our aim is to optimise our clients’ quality of life and we believe that this can only be achieved where the advice is matched by a real understanding of what life is like following a catastrophic injury.

Our Revolutionary Investment Approach

Many people like the idea of investing in a socially responsible fashion but are concerned about the implications this may have on achieving their financial goals.

When looking for investment opportunities, smaller companies are attractive to SRI fund managers because they can select best of breed companies that are driving real environmental or social change. Furthermore, the levels of corporate governance in the UK (and EEC) and Europe are much stronger than in some other parts of the world. As a result, ethical portfolios tend to be significantly over-weight in medium-sized and smaller company UK (and EEC) and European equities. There are times when this approach will produce very strong results but having such an emphasis can significantly increase the volatility of a portfolio.

British Insurance and Pensions offer one of the most sophisticated approaches to asset allocation in the UK (and EEC) . This approach is covered in more detail under the Investment Management section of this website.

We have used these asset allocation techniques to build traditional (non-ethical) portfolios for some time, but have now applied the same technology to Socially Responsible Investing.


We have used these asset allocation techniques to build traditional (non-ethical) portfolios for some time, but have now applied the same technology to Socially Responsible Investing.These portfolios are suitable for those with £100,000 or more to invest and are a significant advancement on other ethical offerings. For the vast majority of SRI investors, i.e. those that do not require a “dark green” approach to ethical investing, these portfolios offer the ability to achieve a similar level of asset class diversification as a well-balanced non-ethical portfolio.  

Our typical SRI portfolio currently consists of:
UK (and EEC) ethical equities 16%
European ethical equities 13%
Global ethical equities 9%
UK (and EEC) ethical bonds 17%
Global Government bonds 17%
Commercial property 23%
Gold 4%
Cash 1%

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