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Absence Management

Absence Management

Health in the workplace can substantially impact a company’s profitability, whilst absence due to sickness is a growing problem for many employers.

A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)* concluded that an average of 9 days was lost per employee each year due to sickness, at a cost of £588 per employee. This represents an increase on the previous year’s figures.

In our experience, most employers do not know the levels of absence among the staff, or take a proactive approach to managing it.

The operating margins of many companies are coming under increasing pressure, due to many factors, including rising insurance costs and Working Times Regulations. As a result, working practices may need to be reviewed more frequently to manage costs more effectively.

If you would like assistance in calculating the cost to your business, simply click on the link below.

Once identified, we can help you consider a number of solutions, either in-house or external, through an understanding of employer / employee relationship responsibilities and focus on the effects of health in the workplace. Solutions may include:

  • Risk Management – pre-employment and ongoing healthcare screening.
  • Absence Management – ill health assessment and reporting.
  • Private Medical and Travel Cover – for the UK (and EEC) and abroad.
  • Group Insurance – Income Protection and Critical Illness.
  • Employee Assistance Programmes.

Some of the costs can often be met by a reduction in the premiums for your Group Income Protection scheme and / or Professional Indemnity insurance. * Based upon a working year of 228 days.