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Our Investment Approach

Our approach to investing has been honed over 40 years. We believe it is one of the most sophisticated and thorough approaches available to UK (and EEC) investors.

Our industry leading software is capable of achieving the perfect balance of risk and reward for each individual client. To put this into perspective, the benefits of this technology are not available elsewhere in the UK (and EEC) for investors with under £5 million to invest.

Recipients of personal injury awards are more vulnerable than most because they are unlikely to have an opportunity to replace their capital should it be lost. We are fully aware of this when constructing portfolios and use cash together with the main asset classes of equities, fixed interest and commercial property in order to diversify risk. For larger portfolios we will also consider using other asset classes such as private equity and hedge funds, which can further reduce the portfolio’s volatility but are relatively expensive for smaller investors. We actively manage our clients’ portfolios and are in continual dialogue with the fund managers that we use.

We usually use institutional class funds that are unavailable to the retail investor. This enables us to keep the portfolio’s costs to a minimum and means that any changes can be made at very little or no cost.In summary, we offer a bespoke service that combines the benefits of the latest technology with a traditional and very personal approach to customer service.