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Employee Advice

Many employees are now faced with making decisions they are unfamiliar with and may find difficult to understand. This applies during their working life and especially as they near retirement.

Employer support is essential and can influence the morale of all staff, whether leaving or remaining in service. This has been emphasised by government initiatives and the promotion of advice in the workplace, all designed to increase the profile of effective retirement planning and pensions in general.

Our team of authorised individuals can provide a range of advice and communication services, using a combination of methods – summaries, guides, group presentations and individual surgeries – to ensure employees appreciate the benefits and make the right decisions.

Free Pensions and saving advice for the UK

The advice can include:

  • The need to plan for retirement and the tax benefits available
  • Contribution levels and investment choices
  • Interaction with State benefits, including “contracting-out” of S2P
  • Structure of benefits available at retirement
  • Options on leaving service or going abroad
  • Redundancy Counselling
  • Transfers from other schemes