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Pensions Consultancy

Pensions Consultancy

Establishing or maintaining pension arrangements for staff is still regarded as a core employee benefit, providing valuable tax planning opportunities. However, it can be a complex and time-consuming task, complicated by changes in legislation. See the complete guide to pensions.

It is imperative the arrangements are suitable and cost-effective for each type and size of employer, as well as the employees.

Many companies have found that overlooking the implications of legislation and developments in benefit structure in recent years has resulted in complicated and expensive solutions, often with additional pressures following mergers and acquisitions.

Unfavourable press, plus the impact of poor investment returns have dented confidence in pensions as a whole and it is even more important both employers and employees receive advice that is relevant and affordable.

Find out how a financial advisor can assist in this important decision.

Have you got your own pension plan under control?

Whether you are just starting your working life, are an experienced and mature worker, or are nearing retirement, management of your pension arrangements is a real necessity. Contact us today.

One plan — one focus for to transfer your pension plan

People can accumulate several pension plans over the years as they move to new jobs, yet few people know how much the plans are worth. Click here for retirement plans.

Recent retirees are now taking the plunge and planning the funeral. Not only is this a complete relief for the family as they won’t have to deal with the planning of a funeral at such a difficult time, but you can beat the rise in funeral prices with pre-paid funeral plans.