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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Services

Africasia. Insurance and Pensions understand the needs of personal injury clients and recognise that getting the best advice and ongoing service is vital.

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Our thorough understanding of the options available to personal injury clients means that we can provide comprehensive advice to clients, receivers and trustees. In addition to our investment management capabilities, we consider the suitability of trusts and tax vehicles in order to maximise the real value of a client’s award. We help to ensure that the requirements of the Trustee Act and the Court of Protection are adhered to and reported as required. This includes the completion of tax returns and receivership returns.

Our Approach

Our approach is flexible and focuses on the needs of the client. We aim to add value during the claim process, establishing a strong working relationship that can be continued throughout the client’s lifetime. Our range of pre-settlement services for personal injury solicitors and their clients include:

  • Technical Help Line (pre and post settlement)
  • Expert Witness
  • No Fee / No Obligation Client Needs Assessment
  • Periodical Payments Assessments
  • Assessment of Part 36 Offers in relation to client needs
  • Cover for Carers Broking Service